notas leitura: Emotional Design 2

Emotional Designcapitulo 1 – attractive things work better
pag 18
[1900 Herbert Read] ” it requires a somewhat mystical theory of aesthetics to find any necessary connection between beauty and function”

“Emotions, we know now, change the way the human mind solves problems – the emotional system changes how the cognitive system operates.”

“science now knows that evolutionarily more advanced animals are more emotional than primitive ones, the human being the most emotional of all. (…) Emotions play a critical role in daily lives, helping assess situations as good or bad, safe or dangerous”

stituações de pressão tendemos a focalizar e a não ter um pensamento criativo para a resolução dos problemas.

pag 19.
“the role of aesthetics in product design: attractive things make people feel good, which in turn makes them think more creatively. How does that make something easier to use? Simple, by making it easier for people to find solutions to the problems they find.”

pag 20
“cognition interprets the world, leading to increased understanding and knowledge. Affect, which includes emotion, (…) makes value judgments, the better to survive.”

“cognition and affect, understanding and evaluation”

pag. 21
visceral – automatic prewired,
behavioral – control everyday behavior – not conscious – pag.23 exemplo conduzir um carro
reflective – contemplative

estão todos relacionados. reflective não tem capacidade motora (imagem pag.22)

pag. 23
“the result is that everything you do has both a cognitive and an affective component – cognitive to assign meaning, affective to assign value. you cannot escape affect: it is always there. more importante, the affective state, whether positive or negative affect, changes how we think”

“[conditions] they all share the same property, however: the condition can be recognized simply by sensory information. (…) the visceral level is incapable of reasoning, of comparing a situation with past history”.

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