Critica a Hayek – notas de leitura

wisdom of prices
the knowledge => disperse bits of incomplete information
price system – way of communicating information

division of knowledge
government planning – can never know enough
emergence from product of market interaction

not mechanichal equilibirum but spontaneous.. equlibriun
shocking failure of market crisis – free markets seem to be itself destabilizing
serious gaps – inability to ackonowlege that free markets ideology and deregulation itself may destroy the very institutions that market use… monoculture => corrodes

division of knowledge – central problem => problem of knowledge
dispersion of crucial information => impossible to aggregate in central statistics
impossible – tacit and contextual knownledge
constant change
theory vs tacit knowledge

local knowledge and shared sumary information
price system is a system for communication sufficient information
market can operate as a discovery process

lower standards of forcification
hayek – evolutionalist






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