Tina and the Top Ten

(publicado originalmente a 22-mai-1997)

Who the hell are they?

They are Paulo Feliciano, Mimi, João Oliveira, Manuel Duarte, Pedro Falcão, and they’re simply the best portuguese band! (in my opinion of course)

The first time I heard them was on a compilation called Distorção Caleidoscópica, way back in 1990 (i think), and they played Real Mckoy. I can’t really say that it was my favourite song (come on… I was only 14 then), but, even then, they sounded different from almost everything I had heard.

In the next 4/5 years I didn’t hear much of them and it was only when I heard some songs from their Teenage Drool album that I really started to like them. Their Dino-Sonic-AndStuffLikeThat-sound had something that got into me.

In 1995 finally I saw them live and, believe me, it was GREAT. I had already seen other bands that I liked live, but none of them were half as cool as TTTT. Along with musics from their record, they also played a Dinosaur Jr. cover, and we even sang-along with Paulo Feliciano Ren & Stimpy’s favourite song – Happy Happy, Joy Joy. How could it be any better. I remember I recorded the show but it wasn’t that good (the recording of course) and I was short on tapes so I erased it.

The last original song that I heard from TTTT was She’s away, and, what can I say… I think it’s their best song yet. It’s not very long but it has everything, wonderfull lyrics and the sound that we like.

I don’t know if I saw it somewhere or I’m just making things up, but I think I read that they are planning on releasing a new record this year. Let’s hope they do!

1997 – “Spider’s Web” – Cais do Rock, Lowfly (CD)
1995 – “She’s away” – Teenagers from outter space – Bee Keeper & Milkshake (LP)
Teenage Drool – El Tatu (CD)
No More – El Tatu (CD-EP)
1993 – “Looking at the Sick Pearl” – 3×7″, triplo single, Moneyland Records (3×7″ Singles)
1992 – “Real Mckoy” – Distorção Caleidoscópica – MTM (LP)

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  1. You’re sooo right.
    They really were my fav band. I’m from Caldas some of them are from here to. And I’ve seen they’re concerts… Love them.
    One time they played at Campo pequeno with Lulublind and Sonic Youth and it was one of the best and perfect shows ever!!
    Love’ em!

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