Douglas Rushkoff on Tech Nation

Moira speaks with Douglas Rushkoff about the role that corporations have started to play in every aspect of our lives.

“(…) in some sense cash is already a derivative, cash is not the thing, cash is a derivative of the value… the shift that we made in the renascence was that we decided that we wanted people who had money to be able to make money by having money (…)”

“(…) debt is not a good product, debt does not create an economy, money is not the fuel of growth, money is the result of growth, the result of abundance (…)”

“(…) when you interact with other people through media it can much more easily be monetized than when you do it directly. any minute in time that you spend interacting with a person directly is a minute of time that 2 people are no longer producing or consuming… and that is a problem, if your talking on the iphone you’re still connected but you’re serving your country, you know because what’s good for apple is good for the usa, ou what’s good for at&t i guess in the charge time and that doesn’t work for me anymore more. I love the technology but many of them are being developed on the needs of the debt structure of the company developing them rather than the needs of human beings to connect in new and interesting ways (…)”

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