Um dos últimos programas do Tech Nation, foi com Phil Zimmermann, o criador do PGP e que agora está a tentar implementar algo parecido mas no mundo dos telefones, neste caso dos telefones VOIP com o projecto Zfone.

A propósito de privacidade, reconhecimento facial e câmaras de vigilância por todo o lado refere o seguinte:

Phil Zimmermann – (…) democratic institutions have never had to face the problem of omniscient government, and i’m not sure wether democracy can survive omniscient government

Moira Gunn – now you’ve just said something that i think nobody has thought of before, that with all of this digital technology, the ability to know things in the part of the governement is greater than it’s ever been ever.

Phil Zimmermann – i’ve always said that Moore’s Law was the greatest threat to human privacy. because the human population is not doubling every 18 months, but the ability of the computers to keep track of us is...”

Moira Gunn – (…) can we expect you and others to come up with a miracle every 10, 15 years so that we carve out of this omniscient digital information space and privacy?

Phil Zimmermann – i don’t think that we should relly to much on technology fixes to the problem, i think we’re gonna have to spend some time and attention on the public policy questions. we’re gonna have to back it up with some policy initiatives, we need to try to pass legislation to try to protect peoples privacy, to limit what surveilance technology can be used for. I can’t encrypt your face!

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