voluntariado 2.0

Ouvido recentemente num dos meus podcasts favoritos.

Tech Nation: Ken Dychtwald – With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life
“Moira speaks with psychologist and author Dr. Ken Dychtwald, about re-writing the script for aging, especially in these economic times.”

“[obama] he went and painted houses a day before is inauguration as a sort of statement of service… i think, honestly, that is old school, for me if you have a harvard law degree there is better use that we can do with you than having you paint a wall.
I think that what a lot of people want to do is not sort of mean old labor, i think a lot of new volunteers they want to run a community program, they want to build a marketing strategy for their church, they want to go teach kids is the dominican republic how to be enterpreneus…”

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