Business Logic

“…Then there’s the matter of what comes under the term “business logic”. I find this a curious term because there are few things that are less logical than business logic. When you build an operating system you strive to keep the whole thing logical. But business rules are just given to you, and without major political effort there’s nothing you can do to change them. You have to deal with a haphazard array of strange conditions that often interact with each other in surprising ways. Of course, they got that way for a reason: Some salesman negotiated to have a certain yearly payment two days later than usual because that fit with his customer’s accounting cycle and thus won a couple of million dollars in business. A few thousand of these one-off special cases is what leads to the complex business “illogic” that makes business software so difficult. In this situation you have to organize the business logic as effectively as you can, because the only certain thing is that the logic will change over time.”

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Martin Fowler, pag.5

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