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uma das caracteristicas das grandes ideias é que depois de alguém as ter elas parecem tão evidentes. vem isto a propósito de um estudo feito pela antropóloga Brinda Dalal do Xerox Research Center of Canada.

“What she has discovered is a notable change in the role of paper in modern offices, where it is increasingly used as a medium of display rather than storage. Documents are stored on central servers and personal computers and printed only as needed; for meetings, editing or reviewing information.”

“Of the 1,200 pages the average office worker prints a month, 44.5 percent are for daily use – assignments, drafts or e- mail. In her research, scouring the waste produced by office workers, she found that 21 percent of black-and- white copier documents were returned to the recycling bin on the same day they were produced.”

“People really like paper,” said Eric Shrader, a computer scientist who is area manager for printing systems at the Hardware Systems Laboratory of the research center, which is known as PARC. “They like the way it feels.”

(via technology review)

daqui para a ideia de criar um papel que se auto-apaga é um saltinho 🙂 mais fácil de dizer do que fazer naturalmente mas parece-me uma ideia muito interessante.

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