notas leitura: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum 2

chapter 1 – the case for user interaction

– pag 4
“communications can be precise and exacting while still being tragicaly wrong”

“fundamental truth about computer: they may tell us facts but they don’t inform us”

pag .5
“… actually nothing is intrinsic to computers: They merely act on behalf of their software, the program. And programs are as malleable as human speech”.

pag. 15
“… there is little difference between a complicated, confusing program and a simple, fun, and powerful product”

capitulo 2
“cognitive friction. it is the resistance encountered by a human intellect when it engages with a complex system of rules that changes as the problem changes.”
“the behavior of the machine no longer has a one-to-one correspondence to your manipulation”

“cognitive friction – like friction in the reaql world – is not necessarily a bad thing in small quantities, but as it builds up, its negative effect grows exponentially”
…don’t forget though that such things as love, ambition, courage, fear, and thruth – though real – cannot be detected and measured”.

“.. the number-one goal of all computer users is not to feel stupid.”

“the prodigious gifts of silicon are so overwhelming that we find it easy to ignore the collateral costs. (…) The difference between havnig a software solution for your problem and not having any solution is so great that we accept the hardship or difficulty that the solution might force on us”.

pag. 33
” the use of a feature is inversely proportional to the amount of interaction needed to control it”

computer litearcy

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