Loggers Use Tags to Track Trucks, Timber
With an RFID system in place, the need for trucks to stand with engines idling while drivers walk to the log loader or scale shack for paperwork is reportedly reduced. “The fuel savings alone will pay for the system,” Allen says.

Six-fold growth in healthcare RFID predicted
The RFID market is still in its nascent stages within the healthcare industry, and the business case for RFID in the healthcare market has immediate benefits compared to other verticals that are still struggling to define the potential returns of adoption, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Public database to catalogue wireless/RF exploits
A wireless security vulnerabilities and exploits (WVE) database has been launched by wireless security experts at Network Chemistry to help identify, classify, and prevent wireless networking and RF-related hacks and attacks.

RFID Helps Take Out the Trash
Wastech Services uses RFID to improve its trucks’ productivity at hauling Vancouver’s garbage

New System’s Tags Talk First, and Fast
A new passive UHF RFID system from iPico uses “tag talks first” technology, making it suitable for applications where items move at high speeds.

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