The Mythical Man-Month

Pode parecer estranho mas acabei de ler um livro sobre tecnologia, melhor sobre desenvolvimento de software, que foi escrito há 33 anos. Para além da eventual afinidade que poderia ter por ler um livro que tem exactamente a minha idade, a verdade é que o que me levou a ler o ‘The Mythical Man-Month’ foi […]

notas leitura: The Mythical Man-Month 3

capítulo 14 – hatching a catastrophe pag. 154 “When one hears of disastrous schedule slippage in a project, he imagines that a series of major calamities must have befallen it. Usually, however, the disaster is due to termites, not tornadoes; and the schedule has slipped imperceptibly but inexorably.” “Concrete milestones, on the other hand, are […]

notas leitura: The Mythical Man-Month 2

capítulo 9 – ten pounds in a five-pound sack pag. 100 “Fostering a total-system, user-oriented attitude may well be the most important function of the programming manager.” capítulo 10 – the documentary hypothesis pág. 111 “Why have formal documents? First, writing the decisions down is essencial. Only when one writes do the gaps appear and […]

notas leitura: The Mythical Man-Month 1

capitulo 1 – The Tar Pit pag. 9 “The obsolescence of an implementation must be measured agaisnt other existing implementations, not against unrealized concepts. The challenge and the mission are to find real solutions to real problems on actual schedules with available resources.” capitulo 2 – The Mythical Man Month pag. 15 “The programmer builds […]