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power paper PowerID products incorporate Power Paper’s proprietary, printable power source. Power Paper has developed a breakthrough technology platform that enables the mass production of low-cost, thin and flexible energy cells capable of powering a host of applications. Power Paper’s core technology is an innovative process that enables the printing of caseless, thin, flexible and […]

Passeio Diario

15 Seconds : Using Open Source .NET Tools for Sophisticated Builds This a community of developers and tech-freak bloggers, mainly from Spain SCRUM is an Agile Software Development Process Using NAnt to Build .NET Projects NAnt Unleashed Build Tools for .NET Applications Typed DataSets in .NET GotDotNet User Sample: .NET SDC Solution Build & Deployment […]

.net + progress

depois de muito martelar l? consegui correr os programas de demonstra??o da progress para aceder uma base de dados progress v10 (e v9.1) atrav?s do .net sem necessidade de uma liga??o ODBC. definir no progress explorer tool: base de dados a utilizar; broker que liga ? base de dados. no caso de ser uma base […]

Integração Progress / .NET

Building an EDI Hub using AS2, OpenEdge? 10 and .NET Technical issues .ASP.NET does not release the AppServer ? fixed in 10.0B .Occasional random disconnections .Some lapses in integration with .NET tools e.g. flaws in data binding .Issues with number of rows returned Other issues Be aware of OpenEdge 10 licensing before you embark on […]