Interesting takeaways from SocialNow

Last week I went to the Social Now 2016 Conference in Lisbon, a conference organized by Ana Neves that, among other things, works as a showcase for vendors who want to show the tools they’ve built to enable the ideas behind the concept of enterprise 2.0, like collaboration, sharing, leveraging social networks, noemail, and others.

Generally speaking I was really impressed by the overall quality of the products being shown and surprised that all of them (i think) had mobile apps that allowed for the usage of most of the functionalities while not connected or on the desktop.

All the tools had slightly different goals but most of them had some kind of instant messaging, document editing and collaboration or integration/orchestration with other service providers like Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Slack, Hipchat, etc

Considering the different products, for me it felt like if I wanted a complete full blown solution that would have everything inside the box i would go for IBM Connections or Mango Apps, if was more into having some social tools and connect with other platforms maybe i would use Brikit, Knowlegde Plaza or Sitrium. If I only wanted to integrate and create a seamless experience for users using different tools maybe i would go with Topdox and if I wanted a different approach to visualizing your tasks and work items maybe Nooq would be the best.

But i think one of the most importante messages was the importance of the questions you need to ask yourself before giving these tools to your collaborators:

  • why do you want to implement these tools, what do you want to solve… enable colaboration? making your life easier?…
  • what do you want to achieve… less emails? reduce travel expenses?…
  • how are you going to roll-out the tool? just give everything to everybody at the same time? or define which users will start using what…

These simple but often forgotten questions may be the difference between a successful a project or just another set of tools you need to learn to do your job.





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