Brian K Vaughn on Orbital Comics Podcast

During my recent trip to London to attend the Feeling Restful Conference I was also able to go to a cool comic book store named Gosh!. When I came back, and as I was looking through their twitter feed, I also found out about Orbital Comics and their podcast which had a 2 part interview with Brian K. Vaughn.

If your not into comics maybe telling you that he was one of the guys that co-wrote some episodes of Lost will give you some sense of the kind of work he does. If not maybe you’ll recognize some of the stories we wrote like Y: The Last Man or Saga.

saga_18_00_titlesThis interview is really interesting and covers lots of stuff, like the comic book industry in this new digital age and some experiments they are doing with pay-what-you-want in Panel Syndicate. He also talks about is career, how he got into the industry, how working for Marvel and DC was important to grow-up as a writer and how the books he writes are a kind of “cheap therapy”.

I only knew about Y: The Last Man a couple of years ago and I got really addicted to it, much like it happened when I read “Strangers in Paradise“, so last year when asking for recommendations at my favorite comic book store here in Porto (Mundo Fantasma) and they talked about Saga I promptly bought the available issues and got into it.

The best thing about this interview was that Brian K. Vaughn sounded like a really cool guy which is a great thing when your favorite writers are also nice guys.

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