Juntos Sozinhos – notas de leitura

Sherry Turkle
mit – technology and self

i share therefor i am – connecting in order to form a thought
life on the screen (15anos – identity experimentation) – http://www.strozzina.org/identitavirtuali/e_turkle.php
1978 entrou no mit
sociologia e ciencia da mente
what they do for us vs what they do to us
retiro no inicio de 80 para perceber o que fazer com os computadores – altair – radioshack
escrever num computador => what’s to write?
calendario? ideia ridicula
games – todos concordaram
once computers connected us to each other …
we are their killer app
1995 – identity workshop online => go offline hangout => online …
1995 – mit cyborgs
identity technoloogy – capacity and available – simultanious mesh – online/offline
full attention
technology is the competiton with human relationship
fantasy fo control – not to close not to far just right
the ability to hide from each other
connetction made to measure
the ability to hide from each other
technology that enables distraction from what we say we care about
– ha consequencias destas tecnologias e comportamentos
email and texting, more control but more time consumming
projection of self => state of self
be alone vs loneliness
texting 15times
i share therefore i am
technology does not cause but enables
not being cultivated – the ability to be alone
habit of constant connectivity
parents will not take a walk with their child without their cellphone
just because we grew up with this devices it doesn’t mean we can change the way we use them
digital diet
virtual should be used to enhance your quality of life in the real world
not unsual from people to complaint that they are to busy communicate to think, to create, to fully connect with the people who matter
phantom ring vs phantom limb – mobile technology ==> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/09/070914165302.htm

sometimes it allow ourselves that… tech will solve everything

how we live with it now vs future
eletronic shadow disapears
we ve been the instruments of our surveilance
intimacy without privacy, democracy…
who needs privacy… with a cost
nothing to hide vs nothing to fear
=> panopticon – self surveillance
generation empowered by the internet
resignation, sense of impotence
accomodate to the idea of open mailbox
the way to deal is just to be good – leave space..
privacy – civil society
overthrow a despote is good, texting at a funeral is bad…
technologies of liberation
we are treating this issues as though they we’re games

so many interactions are sorted on software… people living alone together. the connections that make are mediated by software that they don’t control or understand.

teenagers driving their parents crazy = parents upsetting the kids,complaints about parents
vulnerability to the technology is great to people who didn’t grow up this technology

everybody should have something to hide
people shouldnt grow up without nwing that they can have something to hide

transparencia vs opacidade
– conseguir fazer coisas sem conhecer o que está por dentro
open up the hood an look inside
double click and make things happen without knowing how it works

sociable robots
elder bots, nanny bots





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