notas leitura: The Mythical Man-Month 2

capítulo 9 – ten pounds in a five-pound sack
pag. 100
“Fostering a total-system, user-oriented attitude may well be the most important function of the programming manager.”

capítulo 10 – the documentary hypothesis
pág. 111
“Why have formal documents?
First, writing the decisions down is essencial. Only when one writes do the gaps appear and the inconsistencies protrude. The act of writinh turns out to require hundreds of mini-decisions, and it is the existence of these that distinguishs clear, exact policies from fuzzy ones.”

capítulo 11 – plan to throw one away
pag. 117
“… both the actual need and user’s perception of that need will change as programs are build, tested and used.”
pag. 118
“Quantization of change is an essential technique. Every product should have numbered versions, and each version must have its own schedule and a freeze date, after which changes go into the next version.”
“…the reluctance to document designs is not due merely to laziness or time pressure. Instead it comes from the designer’s reluctance to commit himself to the defense of decisions which he knows to be tentative.”
pag. 121
“Program maintenance involves no cleaning, lubrication, or repair of deterioration. It consists chiefly of changes that repair design defets.”
pag. 122
“… the total number of module increases linearly with release number, but that number of modules affected increases exponentially witn release number. All repairs tend to destroy the structure, to increase the entropy and disorder of the system…”
“Systems program building is an entropy-decreasing process, hence inherently metastable. Program maintenance is as entropy-increasing process, and even its most skillful execution only delays the subsidence of the system into unfixable obsolescence.”

capitulo 13 – the whole and the parts
pag. 142
“… conceptual integrity of the product not only makes it easier to use, it also makes it easier to build and less subject to bugs.”
pag. 144
“Many poor systems come from an attempt to salvage a bad basic design and patch it with all kinds of cosmetic relief”
pag. 147
“The unexpectedly hard part of building a programming system is system teste. (…) one should be convinced of two things: system debugging will take longer than one expects, and its difficulty justifies a thoroughly sysematic and planned approach.”

Nome: The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)
Autor: Frederick P. Brooks
Editora: Addison-Wesley Professional; 2 edition (August 12, 1995)
ISBN-13: 978-0201835953

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