Beastie Boys Annotated

“What you’ll find are the Beastie Boys lyrics laid out with annotated comments explaining popular culture and historical references as well as known samples.”

aqui fica um excerto de tough guy

Tough Guy (Beastie Boys/Smith)

Butcher me on the court
Too many elbows to report
And now you’re poking me in the eye
Bill Laimbeer motherfucker, it’s time for you to die
Bill Laimbeer played for the Detroit Pistons from 1982-1994, with a reputation for being a “bad boy” and playing “combat basketball”.

Tough guy, it’s time to check yourself
Dribbling the ball like the Biz can be bad for your health
Tough guy, what you got to prove
Moving like an elephant, that’s your favorite move
Tough guy, your shit is going out


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