notas leitura: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum 6

Chapter 11 – Designing for People – pag. 181 “If a user performs a task frequently, it’s interaction must be well crafted. Likewise, if a task is necessary but performed inferquently, it’s interaction, although design with different objectives, must be well design. Tasks that are neither necessary nor frequent simply don’t require carefull design.” – […]

Proletários intelectuais

Proletários intelectuais foi o que José Manuel Pureza chamou aos bolseiros de investigação em Portugal. De facto, tendo em conta que um bolseiro de doutoramento recebe menos de 1000€ e um de pos-doutoramente menos de 1500€, que não têm férias (quer dizer… sempre terão uns diazitos entre o fim de um contrato e o inicio […]

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Chapter 9 – Designing for pleasure – pag.127 “Designing for the elastic user gives the developer license to code as he pleases while paying lip service to ‘the user’. Real users are not elastic.” – pag.129 “As a design tool, it is more important that a persona be precise than accurate. That is, it is […]

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chapter 7 – Homo Logicus – pag.95 “… Seven Habits og Highly Engineered People: 1. They will be generous in their selfishness. 2. Blindness improves their vision. 3. They’ll not only bite the hand that feeds them, bu they’ll bite their own hand. 4. They will try very hard to maintain the image that they […]