VeriChip VeriChip has a product called VeriMed which is the first implantable FDA approved RFID chip. Each implantable chip contains nothing more than a unique 16 digit identification number bolsillos anti-rfid RFID Security and Privacy, Simson L. Garfinkel, Ph.D. Lessons learned: RFID Kids Tracking Which Tags Can be Used on Metal Containers? RFID Implementation Challenges […]


Binding Business Objects to WinForms Part I: Unifying Web and Windows Form design and layout Patterns Relatório Final de TRABALHO FINAL DE CURSO do Curso de LICENCIATURA EM ENGENHARIA INFORMÁTICA E DE COMPUTADORES (LEIC) – Ano Lectivo 2004 / 2005 http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/dndotnet/html/highperfmanagedapps.asp

User Expectations in a World of Smart Devices

User Expectations in a World of Smart Devices This, in turn, raises several questions for experience designers: Under what circumstances do people trust or mistrust objects? Do the walls really have ears? If I sit on that park bench, will it tell my student loan officer how much money is in my pocket? What kinds […]

Programming language

Programming language Lectures in the History of Computing Mother Tongues of Computer Languages history of programming languages concepts History of Programming Languages A Brief History of Programming Languages The History of Computer Programming Languages Computer Languages Timeline How Object-Oriented Programming Started Functional Programming Languages Why I am called “the Father of Visual Basic”