C# vs VB.Net – performance

What are the advantages of C# over VB.NET and vice versa?
Both have access to the same framework libraries. Both will perform largely equivalently (with a few small differences which are unlikely to affect most people, assuming VB.NET is used with Option Strict on)

The .NET Language Paradigm
Now hitting on some touchy issues, many developers believe that VB.NET is slower then C#. That’s not entirely true. The only place I see VB.NET slower than C# is where developers use old-style functions like Len and Mid instead of calling reciprocal methods available within the .NET Framework library classes and as mentioned by Heath Stewart (see post below) using old syntax like FunctionName = ReturnValue.

What is this .NET all about ?
.NET framework comes with a single class library. And thats all programmers need to learn!! Whether they write the code in C# or VB.NET or J#, it doesn’t matter, you just use the .NET class library. There is no classes specific to any language. There is nothing more you can do in a language, which you can’t do in any other .NET language. You can write code in C# or VB.NET with the same number of lines of code, same performance and same efficiency, because eveyone uses same .NET class library.

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