IPv6 Problem

ID: P96686 – “Unable to connect to a Stateless/Statefree AppServer on Linux – Error Unspecified error … disconnecting client. (8091)” Cause(s): Progress is not ipv6 compliant and this configuration has not been certified ID: P8934 Title: “Only limited amount of agents can be started within the WebSpeed broker Cause(s): Database is running out or user […]

Unix Progress Application Server Broker Configuration Problem

Progress Solution ID: 20316 Cause(s): Mismatch between the data in the /etc/hosts file, the name returned by the hostname command, and/or the IP address returned by the ifconfig -a command. Progress Solution ID: P4709 Cause(s): User starting the AdminServer is missing several OS User Rights and Privileges Progress Solution ID: P22099 Cause(s): The Progress AdminServer […]

OO Reference

The Object-Oriented Thought Process Moving from Procedural to Object-Oriented Development The Object-Oriented Thought Process Thinking in Objects Furthering the Object-Oriented Mindset Exploring Encapsulation Hiding Data within Object-Oriented Programming Protecting Data through Object Oriented Programming Putting an Object in a Safe State The Components of a Class The Evolution of Object-Oriented Languages Object Responsibility Object Construction […]

Example Centric Programming

http://alarmingdevelopment.org/index.php?p=5 Compared to every other field of design and engineering, programming is an embarrassment and a failure. The “software crisis” has dogged us from almost the beginning. We who have made programming our life will no longer tolerate this. Usability is the guiding light to rationally reinvent programming from scratch.