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Using Orb Whether you’re using your mobile phone, PDA, or laptop, Orb is simple to use. After installing Orb Media on your home PC: 1. Open Orb on your Web-enabled device (mobile phone, PDA, laptop, remote PC). 2. Login and select your media (TV, Photo, Audio, Video, Web). 3. Orb streams your selection from your […]


Designing an Extensible DAL artigo interessante. genericamente mostra o que temos que fazer para suportar 2 (ou n) tipos de acesso a dados. LiveCode.NET Compile C# code on-the-fly. Usage in a plug-in / plug-out component model. Creating an Extensible User Interface with .NET, Part 1 An architecture for extending the User Interface of a program […]

disruptive The Biotech Hobbyist collective includes a multi-disciplinary group of [media] artists, scientists, engineers, activists, and cultural theorists that is dedicated to working with biotechnology in a creative and critical way. Exploring the idea of ‘garage biotechnology’ – a hybrid based upon the ‘garage computing’ movements of the 1970s, the Biotech Hobbyist project aims to […]

RFID Semanal

Condições de Utilização de Etiquetas RFID Um estudo feito na Michigan State University School of Packaging sobre a utilização de embalagens feitas com diferentes materiais verificou que a qualidade de leitura de etiquetas RFID em embalagens de cartão diminui depois dessa embalagem estar exposta a ambientes com elevada humidade. Fonte: RFID Journal – Beware of […]