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TcpTrace WinPcap: the Free Packet Capture Library for Windows Ethereal – The world’s most popular network protocol analyzer Designing Capture Filters for Ethereal Top Ten Ethereal Tips and Tricks [Ethereal-users] How to capture on localhost How To Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows 2000


A Brief Introduction to NAnt Open Source .NET Development: ASpell.NET Case Study Transforming Visual Studio .NET Projects into NANT files using XSLT and .NET

DotMSN DotMSN is an open-source stand-alone class library to provide connectivity with the MSN Messenger service. The library is built in C# and can therefore be used by all languages the .NET environment supports. Because of a clean natural Object-Oriented approach the library is easy to use and implement. DotMSN is designed to be a […]

georeferenciação em portugal => o maior produtor de conteúdos georeferenciados em Portugal (dizem no site deles) Fazem produção de dados e desenvolvem software para exploração desses dados (essencialmente web e movel) Tipos de dados uma coisa que eu não sabia é que há uma diferença entre simples dados cartográficos e dados cartográficos para navegação. Tipo de informação […]

Lightweight RFID framework Lightweight RFID framework When administration and cost are an issue, lightweight RFID is an interim solution rfid laundry tags rfid textile rental RFID in the Fashion & Textile Industry


==================== Blog ==================== the wireless development weblog ==================== Desenvolvimento ==================== Unlimited redistribution for unlimited applications – No royalties 1 Developer License $153.00 1 Subscription License $219.99 ————————————– gps Allows you to playback NMEA 0183 log files in various speeds, including real-time playback. Can be redistributed to your customers royalty-free as part […]

timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool

Thread: Can’t anyone help me with this? – “..timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool…” ADO.NET The misunderstood “Connection Lifetime” managed pooler connection string keyword. Connection Pooling for the .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server PRB: “Timeout expired” error message when you run a Visual Studio .NET 2003 application Programming […]