Open Sores® Software Development
When I started Open Sores® Software Development, I had a dream. A dream to build the most successful software company in the World. That was six years ago. Today, I’m pleased to report that OSSD is well on its way to attaining that dream. We have customers in five of the 50 states, and we’ll soon be visiting Canada to try to drum up some business with those poutine-eating Canucks.

Our staff is comprised of some of the tallest programmers in the industry, and I’m proud to say that we run a 100% union shop. No scab laborers, and very few illegal immigrants.

At Open Sores®, you’ll appreciate what you don’t get: No contracts. No EULAs. No upgrades. No Service Packs. No lawyers. No DOT-NET. No Web Services. No XML. No crap.

We do business the old-fashioned way — with a firm handshake over a couple of beers. And we almost always pay for the beers. Our guarantee: If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results, you reserve the right to file a suit in small claims court.*

* No refunds on the free beer.