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RFID and the Media Revolution
Renowned futurist Paul Saffo ( predicts that RFID’s biggest impact will come from surprising applications
Over the next 10 years, he said, RFID, wireless communications and robotics will each play an important role in what he calls the sensor revolution. Saffo said sensors are creating an early phase of “smartifacts,” or intelligent artifacts, that are “observing the world on our behalf and increasingly manipulating it on our behalf. This is why I view RFID as a media technology. This is where I think the opportunities are for you.”


The UCODE EPC G2 chip features a one-time programmable memory for the 96-bit EPC, covers all mandatory commands, and provides a selection of optional commands as specified in the G2 standard. The chip uses an anti-collision algorithm that enables the reading of up to 1,600 labels per second under current US regulations, and up to 600 labels per second under current European regulations (due to differing bandwidth availability).