Windows Messages

How Do I Do It In VB.NET?? RegisterClassEx Reference in C#, VB.NET and VB6 How To Hook Into a Window’s Messages Using AddressOf HOWTO: Subclass a UserControl Platform Invoke Data Types FormatMessage Shortcut for Win32 Error Codes wcex should only be a ref parameter if WNDCLASSEX is defined as a value type (struct) About […]

levantamento inicial

objectivo: desenvolver uma aplicação que controle outra. – ambas têm ui => não estamos a dizer por exemplo para uma aplicação controlar um servidor. – queremos que a aplicação controlada pareça uma janela da aplicação principal (tipo mdi). – queremos abrir uma janela da aplicação controlada a partir de um evento da aplicação principal, por […]

permissões iis sql

Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance Internet Information Services 5.0 Authentication Methods ASP.NET Data Flow INFO: ASP.NET Security Overview Authentication methods for connections to SQL Server in Active Server Pages Q306158 INFO: Implementing Impersonation in an ASP.NET Application Q307002 PRB: ASP/ODBC/SQL Server Error 0x80040E4D “Login Failed for User ‘(Null)’” Q253500 PRB: “Client Unable to Establish […]

Hello World

programado em mais de 30 linguagens de programação e afins A “hello world” program is a computer program that prints out “Hello, world!” on a display device. It is used in many introductory tutorials for teaching a programming language and many students use it as their first programming experience in a language. Hello_world_program e […]

windows handles

Effect of Hyperthreading on a Thread Object for Windows Animation – Paul Milenkovic Inside Windows Handles Version 2.0 of theForger’s Win32 API Tutorial Coupling a window handle with a data object A window hook is a method that allows interception of Win32 API actions. These can be used for monitoring actions inside the OS and […]


Implementing Callback Functions Exemplo EnumWindows API calls List (USER32.DLL) The secret life of GetWindowText “GetWindowText() cannot retrieve text from a window from another application.” Tutorial: Capturing and Running IE Instances in a Windows control Working with Win32 API in .NET Get Current Window Handle and Caption With Windows API In C# Difference between WM_GETTEXT and […]

Open Sores® Software Development When I started Open Sores® Software Development, I had a dream. A dream to build the most successful software company in the World. That was six years ago. Today, I’m pleased to report that OSSD is well on its way to attaining that dream. We have customers in five of the 50 states, and […]

breves rfid

RFID and the Media Revolution Renowned futurist Paul Saffo ( predicts that RFID’s biggest impact will come from surprising applications Over the next 10 years, he said, RFID, wireless communications and robotics will each play an important role in what he calls the sensor revolution. Saffo said sensors are creating an early phase of “smartifacts,” […]

Confused about the EPC RFID Tag Classes?

EPC Class Definition Programming Class 0 "Read Only" passive tags Programmed as part of the semiconductor manufacturing process *Class 0+ "Write-Once, Read-Many" version of EPC Class 0 Programmed once by the customer then locked Class 1 "Write-Once, Read-Many" passive tags Programmed once by the customer then locked Class 1 – Gen2 "Write-Once, Read-Many" passive tags. […]