webbrowser control

WebBrowser Control Internet Development Index HOW TO: Modify the AuthPersistence Metabase Entry Controls When Clients Are Authenticated How To Use WebBrowser HEADERS Param in Navigate Method How to: Webbrowser NewWindow and Navigating equivalent to axWebbrowser Example code for embedding a web browser control ASP.NET security overview Re: WebBrowser doesn’t pass cookies to popup! I built […]

global vs local variable

Global Variables on a VB.NET Web Page “…Microsoft, in its’ wisdom, has made it easier for VB developers to migrate by automatically translating the “Dim” syntax, when used at class level, to “Private” without even telling you. As you can see, I’m not all that thrilled about it, as it doesn’t help the VB developer […]

IIS virtual directory

já há muito que não tinha que andar a mexer em configurações do iis. hoje tive que criar uma virtual directory… nada de excepcional. como diziam as instruções criar alias : imag Directory: caminho das imagens p.ex \\\Multi\imag User Name and Password (só tem este passo se as imagens estejam noutro servidor) p.ex U:Administrator e […]


Crystal Reports XI and Visual Studio.NET Application Deployment Crystal Reports XI for Visual Studio .NET Server Install – English Err Msg: ‘Failed to load database information’ in VS.NET application The Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET merge modules install Msvcp60.dll into the ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Crystal Decisions\2.0\bin\’ folder. By placing the Msvcp60.dll into the Windows system […]