permissões iis sql

Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance
Internet Information Services 5.0 Authentication Methods
ASP.NET Data Flow
INFO: ASP.NET Security Overview
Authentication methods for connections to SQL Server in Active Server Pages
Q306158 INFO: Implementing Impersonation in an ASP.NET Application
Q307002 PRB: ASP/ODBC/SQL Server Error 0x80040E4D “Login Failed for User ‘(Null)'”
Q253500 PRB: “Client Unable to Establish Connection” Error Message When Connecting from ASP to SQL Server
Q306586 PRB: Troubleshooting Error 80004005 “Login Failed” in ASP
Q306518 INFO: Troubleshooting Guide for 80004005 Errors in Active Server Pages and Microsoft Data Access Components
How to use Trusted Connection when SQL server and web Server are on two separate machines

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