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The EPCglobal Network?: Overview of Design, Benefits, & Security

RFDump is a tool to detect RFID-Tags and show their meta information

rfid – identificação por radio frequencia, carlos couto

Associação Portuguesa de Identificação e Codificação de Produtos

The Blocker Tag: Selective Blocking of RFID Tags for Consumer Privacy


Reading between the lines: RFIDs confront the venerable bar code
* Japanese primary schools in Osaka and Tabe are tagging students’ clothing, bags, and name-tags, so that teachers and parents can track the children’s whereabouts. For similar reasons, the Wannadoo City theme park in Florida is tagging all ticket holders upon entry, so that members of each group can find each other in real time. Premium Club Seat ticket holders at the Seattle Seahawks? Qwest Stadium can use RFID-inclusive PowerBuy tags that reduce their time in line at concession stands. Texas Instruments is both an RFID supplier and an RFID consumer, and it employs RFIDs for tracking work in progress within its fabs. And 2004 Olympic Marathon and Boston Marathon participants? shoes contained RFID tags, which communicated at regular intervals with readers embedded in the pavement or within mats on the raceway. These tags not only prevent Rosie Ruiz-reminiscent fraud, they conceptually also could allow runners? friends, families, and fans to follow race progress through periodic Web-site updates, pager alert, and the like.
* Other ?out-there? conceptual applications include RFID-inclusive clothing that automatically configures the washing machine and dryer, food that alerts the refrigerator?and you?when it has expired and automatically adds itself to an electronic grocery list, and medications that track your consumption and alert you and, perhaps, also your physician and pharmacist to deviance from its prescribed usage, as well as warning of contraindications with other drugs currently in your medicine cabinet.

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